For EticoFood the choice of partners is a fundamental question. We joined some cooperatives and realities, which, like us, have a project for the social integration of workers socially disadvantaged or that respect ecological and economic sustainability parameters.

Now we collaborate permanently with Economia Carceraria , AliceNova and Semina e Ethicatering brand . Too Good to Go!

Fisheyes ltd

Fisheyes is an award winning company that works with over 600 hotels in Italy and the UK.



Seasonal and 0 km products
Short and ethical supply chain
Plastic free
Sustainability and reduction of environmental impact
Choosing Ethicatering means seeing things from another perspective: we promote inclusion in the world of work, we collaborate with supportive and charity organizations.
Our energy is powered by photovoltaic panels.
We reduce consumption to a minimum with remote monitoring.


Economia Carceraria’s products focus more on quality than on profit and its speculation.

Each product made in the prison has an individual story and everything produced in prison has an added value in its soul, a social redemption and a bet on oneself: it is a product of honor and values.

AliceNova & Semina

The cooperative’s purpose is using farming activities, animal breeding, related activities as privileged means to promote the work and social integration of people belonging to a weaker section of the population.

Too Good to Go

Our mission is to inspire and make everyone participate in the fight against food waste. To put our goal into practice, we want to translate our words into concrete actions and contribute on different levels to building a global anti-waste movement.


Takeve is the first female fast delivery in the world; based on an innovative concept linked to ethics and sustainability concepts! Born in Rome with the aim of supporting female employment and regenerating a growing sector that requires better conditions for workers and more attention to the impact of business on the environment and the community. We aim to be a supportive company and to encourage the green economy.




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